Frequently Asked Questions about Small business loans

Not at all, we have programs to help merchants regardless of their actual credit situation. With Mainroad Capital everyone has opportunities.

The process to see if you qualify for business capital is fast, simple, and secure. Just click here to get started or call one of our funding experts.

We know it can be very difficult and often confusing to find out how to get business working capital. We strive to take the confusion out of the process. One of our funding managers will walk you through the simple steps required for evaluation, explain the options and offers, and facilitate your inquiry through funding.

You do not incur a fee to start the process or review any funding option we share with you.

Very little information and paperwork are required. Usually, an easy one-page customer information profile, 3 months of bank statements, and items such as a copy of a driver’s license and a copy of a void check are all that is needed for funding. There may be times when an investor may ask for other items such as taxes or proof of ownership.

Typically, the investor will purchase future receivables. Your business typically makes payments to the Investor daily or weekly via ACH debit drawn from your business checking account.

Yes. In fact, some will even offer reduced payment amounts if the advance is paid early.

Funding will usually take place within 24 hours after being approved and closing the transaction.

All our Investors only provide business capital, not consumer credit. While personal credit is a part of the typical underwriting process, other factors such as the strength of your business are very important. We have a variety of Investors, affiliated and 3rd parties, including those that work with those who have personal credit challenges.

Our funders have many different programs and term lengths. The majority of these programs are repaid within 4-18 months.

Most funding offers typically range from $5,000 to $5,000,000. The amount our investors may offer you will depend on many factors. Investors will look at your business and unique situation. Contact one of our funding Manager to see how much funding is available to you.

We take the safety and security of each business customer’s information very seriously. That is why we employ data encryption technology. Our Site is entrust verified.

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